Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Irony of It All

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(Good thing Mike Vick is a human who plays football. Because if he was a pit bull in dogfighting, he would have been dead 4 years ago.)

Mike Vick is looking more and more like how Caine was looking on Menace II Society when when Bill Duke was reminding him how he "done fucked up." I haven't said too much about this fiasco because I'm not a Vick hater or lover. I'm a Steelers fan, not a Falcons fan. I like the Dirty Birds and like to see them win, but, they ain't MY squad. And alot of you would probably be disappointed in knowing that I kinda have a Clinton Portis approach to this whole dogfighting thing. Plus, you already know that I don't have the best relationship with K-9's anyway.

But one thing I will say about all of this how its ironic that NIKE is choosing to postpone the release of the new Mike Vick sneakers. They were supposed to come out next month, but they've pushed back the release date until this controversy settles down.

Funny. Sounds like Nike is trying to take a stand against animal cruelty. I could have swore that sneakers are made of COWhide and PIGskin. On top of that, isn't this the same Nike that runs sweatshops and pays little Indonesian kids 5 cents a day to make sneakers that sell for $150? Damn, that's animal and human cruelty under the same roof.

The media and FEDs would like for all of us to think that this story and indictment is about illegal activity and animal cruelty. If thats the case, why don't they come down on the horse racing industry with an iron fist? I mean, they gamble and bet on horses the same way the dogfighters do, but for some reason its okay for them. Just like how dogfighters kill the dogs after they lose a fight or get injured badly, horse trainers kill horses after they fail to meet standards or get hurt. And according to these people, horses stand to get hurt very frequently because from the way they are bred, their legs are too small to carry their massive frames. So running, let alone walking and standing is a deadly task for them.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not exactly condoning behavior like hanging and electrocuting dogs. If Vick and company were really doing that, man, that is some demented shit right there. Before they consider prison time as the best option, they might want to put Vick and his boys in therapy. Give them some crayons and construction paper and see what they come up with, because, man, they sound dangerous.

And to play lucifer's loophole (that's another way of saying devil's advocate, get it? get it? no? okay.), can it be said that Vick and them might have done us a good service in doing away with these dogs anyway. I mean, what can you do with a retired pitbull? You can't domesticate them. The news constantly reminds us what happens when pit bulls get near people, mainly children.


YaBoy Po said...

man fuck all the bullshit pitbulls aint the move who cares if they fight they was about to ban them bitches here anyway vick this whole thing is jus anotha attack on black entertainers period

Huey P. Langston said...

Homie, I just said this yesterday. Look, when Mike Tyson looked like he was about to do damage to society, they put that nigga in a ring and told him to fight, fight, fight! And that's basically what people do with dog fighting. These dogs aren't domesticated, some of them are beasts. I mean, boxing is way more inhumane than dog fighting. I'm just saying...

Huey P. Langston said...

Good shit, by the way...