Monday, February 9, 2009

Revenge of the Sackchasers

By now most of you have heard about both former Atlanta Falcon Jamal Anderson and former golden boy Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps going down for getting high. Both men have some sort of money meaning that they have a nice enough crib to get high in without worrying about being caught, or bothered. Why they don't keep the party at their house, I don't know, I guess getting high at home takes away from the fun.

But, I'm not even mad at the fact that these two dudes get high in their spare time, I'm moreso disappointed in how they caught. After reading on what happened with both gentlemen, I'm gonna go ahead assume that they got hated on by some Sackchasers.

What is a Sackchaser?

A Sackchaser is a person who likes to show up whenever a libation is being enjoyed and try to partake of it with out even bothering to chip in, or ask "yo, yall need anything?" Crack open some Goose, they the first one with a cup, last person with a dollar. Light up some weed, they the first person asking for a hit, last person offering to match. Line up some coke, their nose is open, but their pockets are closed. So on and so forth.

In the case of Phelps, it looks like he was making his rounds, hitting up colleges across the country to see what each "student body" had to offer and got too comfortable. He probably felt like things were kosher at the University of South Carolina and figured he could smoke a little something while down there. When he and whoever started smoking, a Sackchaser probably entered the room and wanted to get a hit. Disgusted, Phelps prolly hit him with a "hell naw, get your own" look and that's when the hating commenced. Embarrassed, the Sackchaser pulled out a camera, snapped a picture and next thing you know Phelps' lungs are known for something other than swimming underwater. Damn, you Sackchaser.

With Anderson, the scenario is even worse. Now, I'm just gonna skip over how and why in the hell this man is hanging out with 20-year old White dudes, we'll leave that for someone else to embellish on. Either way, Anderson and this white dude, for whatever reason decided to partake of some booger sugar in the men's room of a Buckhead bar. As they're sniffing some white girl off the porcalin throne, a Sackchaser hears them, knocks on the door, asking if they can get some. Appropriately, Anderson and the white dude probably instructed them to "get the fuck on." From there it seems like the Sackchaser took his bruised, sober ego and found the first security guard he could find and told them he heard some sniffing going on in the bathroom. Instead of telling the Sackchaser to stop being a snitch, the cop investigated the bathroom and boom, caught the two cokies in the act.

Now, I don't feel sorry for none of these dudes. Like I said, if you gotta get high, do that shit at the crib. Why set the stage for drama? You may mean no harm, but drugs are still illegal in the USA, so you're just gonna have to deal with it.

But, it kinda foul how both of these dudes went down at the hands of a tattle tell. Forget Stop Snitchin, Stop Telling...especially on stupid ish. I could see if you saw someone in the bathroom cocking a pistol. At that point yeah, you might want to alert authorities and promptly get the hell up out of their. But, telling on someone for getting high? C'mon man, that's just down right ghey. I don't know about ya'll, but the times I've been to parties or places where folks started pulling out coke and sniffing it, that let me know that I was in the WRONG place and got my ass up out of there. Nothing went off in my brain to make me want to call the damn cops though.

But, let this be a lesson to you smokers/sniffers/poppers/shooters or however you identify yourself. Doing drugs in public is just like when you used to go outside when you were a kid. If you come outside with food and snacks (in this case weed and blow), yo'ass better be prepared to share because people are gonna start begging. We see what happens we you act stingy.

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Dollarado Jae said...

that type of hatin is just plain fowl.. how jealous can a mutha fu**a be to dry snitch like that and completely ruin a mans career?.. wow