Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Preview: Lil Boosie Interview for Ozone Magazine

I sat down with Lil Boosie a couple weekends ago while he was in town for the BET Hip Hop Awards. Can't get into why we ended up doing it at his hotel room, but it was an interesting scene to say the least. When I walked in the room, it was tense as hell and Boosie has always been one to wear his emotions on his sleeves and face. So when I see dude looking mad as hell, I can't even lie...I wasn't looking forward to doing the interview. I mean, if I had had the day he was having, on top of worrying about going to jail in a couple weeks, I'd probably be mad as hell too. But, when I cut the recorder on, dude actually lightened up...well, can't really say that...but he opened up, giving me all kinds of exclusive quotes and news on his current album and situation.

I can't give it all away before the issue hits stands, so I'm gonna be leaking out bits and pieces of the interview here and there both here and on In this very short clip (shout out to Diwang and David of Motion Family for the photoshoot and video) Boosie reveals that he had the same judge as Mystikal and how he really feels when someone says "keep ya head up."


Michelle said...


"Y'all gone be at home still wiping y'all asses with Charmin."

"Bitch, look the other way... *in a mocking tone* 'Keep ya head up.'"


I'm glad I didn't have to conduct that interview because I would have laughed in his face!

CinCityTT said...

Did he say "Put somethin in a nigga account" ????

NIGGA, you sitting there with a 20 or 30 row BRACELET. Put some shit on MY account to pay my college bill. How about that?

Another lovely interview from Ozone. I still listen to their interview with Pimp C (RIP) because that shit was COMEDY!

"And a fight go with that!"

Michelle D.A. said...

Okay, so I got the latest issue of XXL in the mail today (surprising cover) There's a Lil' Boosie feature and on the second page (p.46) there's a large pull-quote that says: "I AIN'T GOING TO JAIL WITH MY HEAD DOWN."

I'm officially tickled.