Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I'm Not Mad At This Song...

Aight...when I first came across this song and video over at Firebrand's spot...I kinda clowned off instinct..IM'ing it to my boys and shit. I mean, you have to admit, Khia has one of those personalities and images that you kinda clown on the spot.

But, upon further review...I'm not mad at this song. I mean, it ain't a newsflash that men liked to be served and fed and shit, but it ain't often that you hear it in song (or maybe I'm not listening to the right stuff). But it seems like good amount of rap coming from the few females MCs out there either attack or demand shit from dudes. I'm either breaking your heart, f*cking your friend or too broke to afford ya. Sorry if I sound one-sided right now, but fugg it.

In this song, Khia (who has definitely made a jammin' song or two like the ones I just mentioned) is taking a subservient, domestic role that is nearly non-existent in Hip Hop from the female end. We get bombarded with images of chicks club-hopping, bottle-popping and ass dropping. Now, I ain't trying to piss off my female readers out there...I appreciate a woman who can go out and get her own, believe me I do. Although it may sound nice, I don't think anyone wants a woman who just sits at the house waiting around for them to tell them what to do.

But like Dre 3000 so eloquently said once "a nigga can't even get a back rub these days." And that's kinda how I feel sometimes. I mean, the Badu's and the Angie Stones of the world do their thing sometimes, but outside of a couple exceptions I can't recall any femcees doing that very often. Not saying that they HAVE to, but it is nice to hear a chick rhyming about wanting to be my potna, be my backbone, meet my mother, have my baby (when the time is right of course, not just for the hell of it), cook, clean and hustle with me. Shit is kinda encouraging. Especially since most male rappers do their share of male bashing too by constantly reminding niggas that they got more cars, clothes, money and hoes than you and your hatin' ass friends do.

Plus...even though potty-mouth Khia cusses a little on the song, I dig that song is called "Be Yo Lady"...not "Be Yo Bitch"..."Be Yo Bust It Baby"..."Be Yo Side Hoe."

What do ya'll think about the song? Do you dig what she's doing? Would you improve on anything? Do you think the whole maid routine is a bit much? Does it set the image of Black women or females in Hip Hop 11 steps back? Speak on it.


Anonymous said...

I don't know bruh...It's KHIA! I honestly can't get past "R-E-S-P-E-Respect Me!" not to mention "My Neck, My Back" gets played at every party I go to...

Nadine G. said...

As a female who is someone's "lady", I guess Khia's track is cool. It's not like she's single handedly halting women's lib with this. I mean, you know your man wants to feel "like a man" sometimes- he needs to have you dote on him. I still have issues with that, like striking the appropriate balance because you don't want to give off the impression that you're weak and you won't leave his ass if he's not doing right. But it's healthy, I think, to cater to his ego a bit.

Dollarado Jae said...

I think she pulled it off with this one. Just off the strength of telling us something brothas don't really hear from our black women.

Even if its "fantasy" it least it makes us feel good for 3 minutes..

It's kinda the perfect song for a chick who's in love.. (and who wouldn't want his girl to be in our corner like that for once...) instead of giving off signs of being a "closet hater".

There's nothing worse than being a brotha on his grind, and dating a hater..Its bad for business...just my opinion.. who am I?..