Thursday, December 31, 2009

Legendary Music Store "Sound Shop" Closes Down

This is a sad and harsh reality. After 20 years of serving the West End community, the Sound Shop (also formerly known as Peppermint Music) closed its doors for the last time this past Sunday.

Over the last few years its obvious that the music industry has been suffering due largely in part to piracy and the internet. While major labels have been crying foul and going as far as to siccing the Feds on mixtape DJs and 14-year old downloading music, the independent retail stores (Mom & Pop's) have been taking the brunt of the downfall for years.

Sound Shop was one of the last stores standing in Atlanta, due largely to the efforts of Des aka That Retail Chick, who is featured in this video. Sound Shop/Peppermint Music has alot of history, many people in the Atlanta music community got their start working here. This list includes everyone from DJ Jaycee to Rico Brooks (the man responsible for Block Ent's early success) to my writing peer Jacinta Howard and many other names and faces that make the music in this city go and grow. I've seen and witnessed plenty of in-store signings and events go down here and its sad to see this place go. Its places like these that remind you of why you like music in the first place. Its places like these where you can go buy CDs that your friends stole, er, borrowed from you.

Granted, I didn't grow up on the West End (we had a Peppermint Music at South Dekalb Mall) and didn't shop there everyday. But whenever I did set foot in the West End Mall, Sound Shop was one of, if not the first places I'd go. Hell, you couldn't miss it, its right up front.

In this video, Des breaks down what it means to the community and up and coming artists when stores like this disappear.

I'm upset that I couldn't get down there to support one last time, I was down in Stockbridge with family. But I'm sure Des will be alright.

Make sure you visit her site ThatRetailChick


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That was my shit when I was going to Morehouse (1999-2004). I received my first true taste of independent southern music (I copped We Ready/I Declare War, Playa Fly, Mr. Pookie, and many others from Peppermint), and I applied there at least 10 times!!!! I remember going down to West End when I moved back to ATL a few months ago and was shocked how quiet and empty the place was, with Peppermint looking like it was ready to close then.... Really sorry to see it go.


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