Friday, December 4, 2009

Playboy Tre-"Last Call" freestyle

Playboy Tre-"Last Call" freestyle

Yeah so...Tre's DJ, DJ Swatts just sent me this track talking about this is from Tre's final mixtape before he bows out of the rap game or some BS like that. The song pretty much talks about whats going on in his mind right now and why he's about to sit down.

I hit Tre on the phone and he comfirmed it...he's putting out a project called Last Call and sobering up on his drunken rap dreams. I promptly told him "this some'ol bullshit" and got off the phone. Guess ya'll need be at the Spring 4th Center for the B.o.B show tonight to start catching your final glimpses of Tre as a rapper.


boi-dan said...

I feel where he is coming from... but he shouldn't quit..... but if he do quit, he needs to make this last mixtape a nuclear bomb and tackle every issue on his mind and in our community and hold nothing back.

FireBrand said...

no! fuck that

Tromeritus said...

I think he might've been referring to me. Hollered at him a few weeks ago after a concert in Tampa he did with Bobby Ray. If so, I really appreciate that.

Dropping out of rap? Say it ain't so! But the man has to handle his business, so we might just have to savor this last, tape...Naw, his mixtapes are album-quality, anyways.