Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Cee-Lo Green-"Georgia"

Crazy. As soon as I post something asking where the new Dungeon Family music at...a new Cee-Lo song pops up. Song is pretty cool. Cee-lo ain't rapping though. He singing that Gospel he's known for.

I read that he'd been in the studio with Salaam Remi for an extended amount of time, and this does sound Amy Whinehouse'ish, so I'm assuming he produced this. Its set to appear on Cee-Lo's new album Lady Killer.

This song might just get him mentioned in the same breath as Ray Charles and Gladys Knight.

Oh yeah, its for sale on Amazon. So you gonna have to do like I did and buy it if "you want it that bad."


wild cowgirl said...

this is awesommmeee!

Mr.J said...

This song is Great! Good stuff sir!