Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Random Jam: Trick Daddy-"I'm A Thug" (2001)

"I got one request in this bitch, You can have the rest of this shit/If a nigga drop some shit and it's wack as hell and don't make no damn sense/Take it back, talk about it and tell your dog don't even buy that shit!"--Trick Daddy

I rarely ask questions like "what happened to...?" or "why aint so and so...?" Because nowadays, I pretty much know the answer. I know a couple reasons why we don't get treated to much [quality] Trick Daddy music, but I still kinda wonder, what happened? Sometimes it seems like he got DMX'ed out of the game. You know, refusing to conform or keep making music for or with people he probably genuinely does not f*ck with AT ALL. Anyways, this song popped up in my head. I know a couple people didn't like this song of video, but Trick was snappin to me on this. This shit is actually very poignant and at times political when you listen to it. But yeah, enjoy.

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boi-dan said...

Yeah, I was just listening to his old albums the other day on youtube. Based on A True Story was a classic.