Friday, June 11, 2010

Ciara feat. Andre 3000 and Bei Major-"Ride" (remix)

Ciara feat. Andre 3000 and Bei Major-"Ride"(remix)

Guess at this point any Dre appearance is an event, which is why I'm posting this song. Sounds like we might finally have something for the summertime. Still think its some BS how BET banned the video for the original talking about its too sexy. Whatever...if you can show all of Trey Songz videos with him hunching and licking on chicks I don't see why you can't show a video of a chick showing how well she can work her hips...guess she'd have to be in the submissive position instead of the in-control one if she wanted to have her video on BET.

Oh yeah, seems like ever since I made that "where's the new Dungeon music" post a few days ago we've been getting more of it. Guess I should write posts like that more often.

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