Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Country for Old Men: Duo Accuses General Larry Platt of Stealing "Pants On The Ground"

So...these guys named The Green Brothers have come from out of the boondocks (Detroit actually) accusing General Larry Platt of stealing his idea for "Pants On The Ground" from them. They are saying that their song "Backpockets on the Floor" was recorded in 1996 and its more than a coincidence that Gen. Platt's song has a similar message and words.

Yeah ok...but here's my thing. When did so many old folks start rapping? What radio stations are they listening to? Who's giving them beats? Who's letting them use their studios? Really, where is all this old man rap coming from? Its one thing to have one old head pop up out of nowhere with a rap song...but to have another pop up and accuse the other of biting his style...giaaaaat dayum.

Shied, dude complaining about folks having their "Backpockets on the Floor"....the way he's wearing his pants so high, he need to rename this song "Backpockets on the Ceiling" Gawtdahm!

But yeah...if you need a quick laugh (well not quick, the song is damn near seven minutes long), take a listen to The Green Brothers, dude really actually tries to flow at times.

Whew...its still cold in the D.

Video spotted at C&D

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Bayan The One said...

when u hear a 7 minute long rap song u know it's gotta be OLD school LOL