Thursday, January 28, 2010

DJ Toomp: Hardware vs Software

BLVDST caught up with renown producer DJ Toomp to get his thoughts on using Hardware and Software to use his beats. I remember interviewing him some years ago and he seemed to be all about the hardware...nowadays it looks like he's found a way to intertwine the two.

Oh yeah...this post gives me another excuse to post two of my favorite DJ Toomp tracks and two of the fiest songs of all time. Attic Crew feat. T.I.-"Dope Boy Fresh" and Big Kuntry King-"Still Kuntry" after the jump.

Attic Crew feat. T.I.-"Dope Boy Fresh" (2002)

Big Kuntry King-"Still Kuntry" (2003)

1 comment:

QuantumPeach said...

ooooh, this is that Grand Hustle, DJ Toomp sound i so miss! the In Da Streets series is too damn tough!
"T.I.P. and P$ is fresher than new S.S's, triple golds and vogues shining like some treasure chests' them lil blue boxes off in the headrests" I LOVE IT!
Matter fact, let me drop by SuperSound for the re-up! ;0)