Friday, March 26, 2010

Scarface Releasing His First Ever Mixtape

Uncle Brad plans on dropping his first mixtape, Dopeman Music, sometime this Spring. I'm always weary of that "mixtape" word because that whole game is saturated and most of the music on them are very disposable. But, I'm trusting that 'Face will be putting quality music out, not just stuff he don't feel is good enough for an album.


Enigma Sept's Corner said...

I thought he was done with rap?

southpeezy said...

@ Enigma

ha...nah, i think he was done wanting to work for RAL

boi-dan said...

It's weird b/c I could never could get into Scarface, I love Willie D and Bushwick Bill though. But I can only listen to about 10% of Face's music.

Rome Brown said...


You missing out bruh. When they say Face is the "real King of the South" they wasn't lying. The imagery of the lyrics, the depth, man I could go on and on. Just go to YouTube and check out some of his older solo joints.