Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Stat Quo-"Success" (Back To You) video

First time I met Stat Quo was back in 2000, maybe 2001. It was when I was program director for my college radio station, WFVS 100.5 FM. I got a CD in the mail from an artist named Stat Quo and the song was called "Hey Shawty." I liked it, so I called the number on the CD (his mom was his manager at the time...and she was a beast) and invited him to perform at this thing we used to do called "Jammin in the Cafe" where we'd have artist come down every Thursday and perform in our cafeteria during dinner time.

He came down and really did his thing. I did a brief interview with him and he said he had just got out of the University of Florida and that he was probably about to sign to Def Jam South...

I think everybody pretty much knows dude's story from there. Seeing this video and hearing that its going to be coming from his much delayed album Statlanta is good news. Dude deserves all the success he's had and looking forward to because he's definitely put in alot of work. But I have to ask though...why didn't he just name one of the other numerous projects he's released over the last 2 years Statlanta...would ya'll have noticed?

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biggran said...

this track goes hard