Monday, March 8, 2010

T.I.-"I'm Back"

I cool. Beat sound generic...another one of those Drumma Boy knock-offs. I'm just glad to hear T.I. back rapping, hopefully some player bones will get re-born in the bodies of some of these clowns running round rapping, claiming gangs and shooting up Walter's and shit. Oh yeah, he does speak on the state of things that have gone on since he's been away and I'm happy to hear him do that. He also goes at somebody for "not holding it down." Not sure who that's supposed to be directed at since he's made up with everybody he's had problems with.

But over all, the beat don't really make this song the event its supposed to be. Instead of "I'm Back"...this sounds more like "ay, I'm outside...come downstairs."

Spotted at NR

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QuantumPeach said...

i will always miss "Tip", the "young arrogant nigga from the westside of Atlanna", Lol. Does he still fox wit Toomp? If not, he should because that's when his sound was best. It's plenty of new production out there to work with so, what the prollem is? :0)