Monday, March 22, 2010

Vidoe Re-Cap: Converse Open Gym

The wonderful folks at Converse hosted another one of their Open Gym events at Archer Hall Recreation Center on the campus of Morehouse College this past Saturday. Here they invite hundreds of kids from the Metro Atlanta area to come out and hoop. I'm all for anything that keeps the youngsters active, in-shape, off the couch and out of trouble. Especially since gyms and courts are disappearing in the community.

They invited kids from ages 11-18 years old to come and play and I have to say a few of these kids were pretty good. You can tell they watch alot of EPSN and might have seen an And 1 game before they saw an NBA game, but it was still great to watch. The above video has Converse athlete and Atlanta Hawk Mo Evans speaking on the program. The next Open Gym is on Saturday, April 10 at Georgia Tech. If you have a kid in mind that you want to have signed up, the complete schedule is at

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