Monday, April 12, 2010

LATE PASS: cARTer feat. Bun B-"Houston Summer"

cARTer feat. Bun B-"Houston Summer"

So, I was up in Slice last week at Sean Falyon's mixtape release party and DJ Dibiase dropped the needle on this joint. He said the homie Bem put him up on it. Bem said he got it off of illRoots. I went over there thinking the song was gonna be new, but I'll be damned...this joint dropped last September. Crazy, so much music comes out on the internet on a daily basis you miss out on some good ish sometimes.

But yeah, this song is RIDIN!!! I don't know much about buddy other than he's from Houston but currently lives out in Los Angeles. I'm telling you shawty, if you haven't heard this song yet, you got to check it out, I promise you'll dig it. I've been chillin' and riding to this song all week. Its perfect riding music for the weather right now. I'm hoping that his team try and push this song again, seeing as how the title is going to be appropriate over the next few months.

I'm listening to the rest of his Legal Trappin' mixtape right sounds cool. I'ma have to test it out in the car later on. He has a joint where he uses the old Pharcyde "Runnin" beat thats pretty jamming.

But yeah, ya'll check out "Houston Summer" is straight fie.


Rome Brown said...

Yo this is right on time. My homie was askin for some music from him on the strength of his guest appearances on Dom Kennedy's mixtapes.

Cancel Christmas said...

I heard the Bun B part of this song on one of those Best Trappers Alive mixtapes but never with this cat cARTer. Definitely jammin tho.

Bayan The One said...

Bun's flow too damn square

Anonymous said...

I'll accept your late pass

Hell Yup! said...

You're not lyin' bout the gross amounts of music coming out these days...

This shit is BOSS, thx famo.

- Dart