Monday, April 19, 2010 Interviews Yelawolf (part one)

So yeah...I've been rocking with the homie Yelawolf for some years now. In that I've been able to see alot of stuff materialize over the years and really get to know dude. Team 'Wolf (J.Dot, KP, Bear and Burn One) thought it would be a great idea for me to do a in-depth, on camera interview with him before he "blows up."

This interview was done right before Trunk Muzik dropped, but I'm just getting around to sitting down, chopping it up and adding little stuff to it...the interview was long as hell (shout out to Elan and Sentry Studios for the camera work).

We did the interview at producer She'kspere's studio and basically talked about his entire life up to this point. I figured I'd start sharing this as folks are finally starting to warm up to 'Wolf's music and become more interested in him. I'll be posting up the rest of the interview throughout the week.

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Bayan The One said...

don't make us wait for the next episode for too long tho LOL