Monday, April 19, 2010

Trap Or Die II-The Movie

Me and Decatur Dan was just talking about how saturated this whole "trailer" thing is getting in blog land. I guess that's why he chose to name this joint he shot for Jeezy a "movie." But nah for real, Dan put his foot in this one. If you like the one he did with Don Cannon, you'll really enjoy this one.

As for Jeezy...everybody knows I've never been the biggest Jeezy fan. But that Trap or Die is undeniable. Its the only Jeezy product I've actually bought with my own money and might actually get mad over if someone were to scratch it or steal it from me. That said, I'm actually looking forward to Trap or Die II. I'm curious to see if it will make the same impact that part one did. Because living here when it, its probably one of the only times that the thrown around phrase "movement" was actually appropriate.

And yeah...who told Jeezy he's Malcolm X?

"Just because a cat has kittens in the oven, that doesn't make them biscuits."--Malcolm X

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