Monday, August 4, 2008

Live For The 5!!!

Friday night I hit up the latest edition of Fuggin Awesome, which is swiftly becoming one of the best outlets for Live and Independent Music in Atlanta. I've been to each and everyone of them since they started back in February and I haven't been let down yet.

Well, I take that back...I let myself down by BS'ing around after leaving Art, Beats & Lyrics last week and missing most of the show. I almost messed around and missed some of this one too because I forgot they moved the show from the usual location (Drunken Unicorn) to Lenny's Bar. It messed up though, because according to Firebrand the "friendly" folks at the Drunken Unicorn don't want anymore Hip Hop in their life.

The joint was cracking from the time I got out the car...I don't want to waste too much of your time running off at the mouth, so I'ma let the video I took speak on my behalf...

Dixie Mafia was on stage when I walked in

Gangsta Pill & Yelawolf & Scragg Lee performing "Ima Freek"

Joe Scudda of the Hall of Justice crew

Killer Mike Fliping Through Some of His Hits

The beautiful thing about that footage is that Mike is up there doing verses from "Kryptonite" showing that he still must have love for Big and them. Props to Dres for rocking along side him and letting him do his verse from "Body Rock."

Killer Mike, Gangsta Pill & Rochelle Fox performing "Eat Right" from I Pledge Allegiance To the Grind 2

My favorite part of the show (that I saw) was Divinity Roxx. She's a dope ass bass player who is an equally skilled MC. She also toured with Beyonce not to long ago. I always heard her name but never heard the music until a couple months ago. She tore down the stage then and did the same here.

The tail end of a jam session...

An associate of mines that I never saw at a Fuggin Awesome show asked me if "I fuck with these?" I told him hell yeah...this is one of the few outlets in the city where you'll hear the DJ spinning Goodie Mob, Raekwon, Shawty Lo and some shit you ain't never heard without missing a beat. Its also dope that it brings together a wealth of people from all walks of life and ethnicities together. Of course its not the first (Sloppy Seconds, Broke & Boujee, etc), but its still dope.


ChicaGOrilla said...

Divinity used to kill it at Ying yang when she was a part of DATBU. It was her and two other dudes. The setup is similiar to The Fugees. And yes she was the better emcee of the three

Anonymous said...

shit I never knew divinity was in DATBU.. i used to work with Pogo from that group I always loved their music... I always tell myself im gonna make one of these fuggin concerts and, like a fool, I never make it.. good videos