Monday, October 6, 2008

Don't Be Surprised When....Episode One

Don't be surprised when... hear about this son of a rich man rapper Stack$ getting his wig split and his shit stolen. Congratulations young man, the entire world knows that you are driving around in $700k car and evidently have more where that came from. Kudos on telling everybody that you live in the Miami area as well.

We here at don't wish harm or illness on anybody. We're just saying...don't be surprised if this cat becomes a victim very soon.


Nadine G. said...

LOL. I betchu didn't know that as hard as he's acting on this vid- he's Brooke Hogan's ex!

eskay said...

this guy is the fucking worst. I can't wait to see the Soundscan on his "$10 Million album"

bp said...

everybody knows he's a rich kid in Miami. And his richard pryor looking pops is a nigga nigga who looks like he'll put money on somebody head in a heartbeat.