Thursday, October 9, 2008

Yung L.A. feat. Young Dro & T.I. "Ain't I" (rmx)

Man, this song is jammin' like a mahfugga. Yung L.A. did his thing. Dro came on there and got damn snapped, dropped one of them verses you just got to sing along to. Tip went the fugg off too. All of them sound good on this ish. This is my favorite song right now shawty.

The video itself is, cool. Some of the shots and color manipulation is cool, but it ain't really do anything to add (or take away) from the song. But fugg it, this one of them songs where if you already like it, it don't really matter. You know what, after a couple more looks, the video dope too, fugg it. Shout out to director Flyy Kai.

Kinda sad how they straight Wes Fif'ed my nigga Big Kuntry off the song, but its all good. Shit still dope.

"Polo to the floe, yeah muddafugga ain't iii"

I'm sorry shawty, this song is fie!!! One time for Yung L.A., Young Capone and everybody else representing Thomasville (Stat Quo where you at?)

Previously: behind the scenes at the "Ain't I" video shoot


Баян said...

in the same category as Dro's Shoulder Lean, except that Shouldr Lean bangs harder
still som meaningful lyrics would do mo justice to the beat
Tip's verse is straight tho

*Blog Ladi* said...

this is one song I can definitely say Maurice be bumping the hell out of in the office. lol

Wes Fif said...

Lol @ "Wes Fif'd" lol! U a fool brah.