Sunday, October 26, 2008

Killer Mike's Sunday Morning Massacre 8: "Delilah"

"I coulda been in Newbirth this morning..."--Killer Mike

Actually, that's where I should be right now as I'm dropping this post.

But OK. Back on schedule. We know its been a minute since a Sunday Morning Massacre actually dropped on Sunday. Be we back now.

This latest one comes as the flipside to SMM7-"Samson." Its known that whores are exciting people to be around. If you don't think so, you're lying to yourself. No one said they were good people to be around, I said exciting. That being said, ask anyone whose dealt with one and see how they end up. Broke and/or embarassed.

As usual, video will be coming soon, but for now now here is a message from Mike explaining the inspiration behind this song:

The standard Hebrew meaning of Delilah of is "one who weakened or uprooted or impoverished." This song is the other side of the Samson Story. We all know of great heroes and their epic falls, but what corrupts beauty and blackens a womans heart? Its growing up in dire poverty under the headmaster (no pun intended) of the school of hard knocks. And the 1st lesson to little pretty girls in the ghetto is that your body has a price. When this is the lesson women learn how are they to respond to men? I figure much like the black widow or a venus fly trap, looking beautiful and enticing men to utter death. But Brother I tell you when death looks that good in the club its hard not to wanna dance with this she devil. Delilah is more than a girl, its a mind state. A mind state we as men create when we put a price on the pussy. Ain't it only wise then for the person with the supply to charge according to demand? Just some thoughts, peace. Hope you enjoy.

Killer Mike's Sunday Morning Massacre 8: "Delilah"

Produced By B-Don For DMG, Vocals By A Game of DMG


A.R. Shaw said...

It’s hard for a man to say no to the “excitement” that a girl like that can bring. It all starts with ego. Every man wants a fine girl on his side that is willing to do whatever whenever. We can play it cool at first, but it’s easy to become addicted. I think we all can agree that there’s no better feeling than to bring a bad a$$ chick around your boys and telling them all that she does in the dark, or light. She may have started off a jumpoff, but before you know it, you actually may begin to like the chick. So to keep her on your side and happy, you may find yourself doing whatever whenever. She becomes your drug or kind of like a slot machine with a fat a$$. You pour time, money, and emotions into the chick with the hopes of getting a return—or experiencing the high that she provided when you first start to mess with her. But the more you put in, the less control you have. And chicks like that can sense it. She might work you until you’re dry, or she may just leave without an explanation. Just know that it won’t end good. The best thing to do is to try to understand what you’re dealing with from the start. If she’s not a housewife, make sure that you don’t fool yourself into thinking that she is. It’s like eating a good steak (no pun). Once you’re finish with it, take a shit and keep it moving. Don’t go back for seconds or thirds too soon. Keep her close enough to be an option, but not so close that she’s the only option. But I also like how Mike discussed her side of the story too. Most fast girls have gone through a lot while growing up. They have been taking advantage of so much that the hurt becomes a part of who they are. That hurt is then reflected in how they handle relationships. However, hot song. It’s good to hear a rapper that can actually rap.

southpeezy said...

amen. you dropped the formula for real didn't ya?