Thursday, October 2, 2008

Grind Time X Grand Hustle?

Tip dropped his album this past Tuesday...did he also drop a hint in this interview? All I know is the other times these two dudes have hooked up have been nothing less than fie...if all of this comes to pass, we could be looking at a straight up Southern Roc-A-Fella/Dip Set type thing. I'll keep ya'll posted if/when/as stuff develops.

The "era of the bullshit" just might be coming to an

Clip spotted @ Kaos' Spot


Anonymous said...


Smiff said...

That would be interesting

YaBoy Po said...

i think id drop dead where i stand

*Blog Ladi* said...

that's gonna be nice. oh lawd what's gonna happen to young dro? I told R.E. if it ain't T.I. it's luda or killa kill! what's real interesting is I can appreciate these rappers that fall in line when it come to outkast. They two of the best out of a-town