Friday, October 31, 2008

Its A Celebration! (part 3)

I haven't posted any funny party flyers in a minute because shied, I haven't been out partying. Know why? Because its a recession going on.

That didn't stop these folks from capitalizing though. If you don't have anything to do tonight nor the money to do it with, consider stopping by Club Mariachi for RECESSION FRIDAYS. That's right RECESSION FRIDAYS.

Its free all night, they got $3 drinks and 2-for-1's on the bottles! You might just win a free gas card! They need to be giving those away to everybody, I've never heard of Mariachi but that shit sounds far. And tonight they're having a Halloween Bash with a live performance from Gorilla Zoe. I hope he don't wear all that ice to the club though, got damn recession shawty.

Once again RECESSION FRIDAYS ladies and gentlemen. Why let your current financial situation keep you in the house when you can go drink and dance for cheap? We complain about all these other spots bustin' heads at the door. Celebrate your brokeness at the recession party! Broke & Boujee ain't got nothing on Broke & Broker.

{Rick James voice} Its A Recession, Bitches!


Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

stop by the shop folk

Баян said...

u fawks talk recession, u hardly know what this is having never lived in a coutnry like Ukraine, in this bitch recession is permanent
so do yaself a favor go out and spend some money LMAO

Nadine G. said...

LOL. Aww man...

southpeezy said...


i kinda feel you on that. because i remember we was supposed to be headed into a bad recession/depression back when Clinton was in office and dude said "no keep spending money." Thats the way you keep from recessions, keep the dollar circulating as much as possible...just dont spend on BS.