Friday, May 8, 2009

Atlanta After Dark with Grip Plyaz, A.Leon Craft and Sean Falyon

Seeing as how the Hawks didn't rep Atlanta too well last night, I figured I'd watch some cats that do a good job of it everyday. If you don't know by now, its hard to find a night in Atlanta where absolutely nothing is happening, it stays busy for the most part. Last night was one of those nights as three of the city's up and comers Grip Plyaz, A.Leon Craft and Sean Falyon each has shows last night.

A.Leon and Grip both performed at Creative Loafing's Mixt Compilation release party at Eyedrum. The compilation features a wide range of indie artist in Atlanta and was done in conjunction with their annual music issue that just hit the streets. I haven't listened yet, but I'm anxious to check it out though. You can peep it yourself at Creative Loafing's website.

I juuuuust missed A.Leon's performance but I did get their in time to catch Grip who is always entertaining. You can catch some of his set up in the Qik corner. They wound up doing their football-head song "Plaxico Burress."

Grip even did the Rudy dance at the end...

I got a chance to catch one other act while I was there and it was very interesting. Unfortunately, I didn't catch the bands name, but these dudes were performing under ladders...

Yeah, they must have rubbed off on the Hawks, because swear as soon as tweeted about them, next thing I know, Joe Johnson is in a wheelchair.

After that I headed over to the Star Bar in Little 5 Points to catch the homie Sean Falyon. It was actually perfect timing because a few folks over at Eyedrum were worried they was gonna miss Sean do his thing since the show schedules overlapped. Luckily we didn't miss it.

This was my first time up in the Star Bar. I meant to go a couple weeks ago to catch Hollyweerd but mistakenly went to Star Lounge off Peters St. Not going to complain though, wound up getting some bomb ass wings and stiff drinks there. So as Bobby Creek would was a Brilliant Mistake.

Anyways, the showcase went pretty good. It was put on by Pine Magazine and it also featured an artist I walked in on named Coby C.

I was feeling the music he performed and he was nice enough to give me one of his CD's after the show. As intriguing as the music was though, I have to say that the drummer is what caught my attention the most, and he wasn't even doing anything. Dude was in a trance the whole time. Ya'll know that saying "give the drummer some"...well somebody definitely gave him something, what? I don't know.

But yeah, the homie Falyon did his thing and in a true show of support Grip and A.Leon came over and joined him on stage as well. They ended the set performing "Beat Off In My Ride."

Again, the post is getting long. I really have to figure out this HTML coding for the "read more" function on Blogger. If any of ya'll know how to do it (I don't mean know how to direct me to the help page) please help. Check out the galleries, thanks for visiting.

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