Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Stole Food

Someone just showed me this clip trying to get me to laugh in amazement. Funny thing is, I knew what dude was doing 10 secs into the video. I used to do this in high school to get breakfast. Dude in the video doing too much though. When me and friends did this we'd just be like "shit, we changed our minds" if we said anything at all. The other way is to just drive into the the drive-thru lane and...nah, I ain't gonna say too much, ya'll can figure it out for yourself if you're hungry enough. When you think about it, this shit is actually kinda sad. Like I said, I was 17-18 when I was doing this, this guy seems to be at least in his mid-20s. Goes to show you that no country has a monopoly on poverty and hood shit. But yeah, check out the vid, and if you need more ways to get over on the system, check out dead prez' video for "Hell Yeah" aka the Trillest Video Ever.


Bayan The One said...

whatcha do when u hungry but there no drive throughs in ya country? LOL

Bayan The One said...

oh i tried to look for other ways in Dead Prez vid as u suggested but Youtube just says "This video is not available in your country."

u see, now that's hood, that's poverty