Thursday, May 21, 2009

"Down On Boulevard": Creative Loafing's Feature on Boulevard

I haven't been out to see the print version of this week's Creative Loafing, but I stumbled across their current cover story on Boulevard through their website. Very good and interesting read. It pretty much speaks on how the strip is one of Atlanta last ghettos (or as it was called in the story "the hole in the donut") and why it hasn't grown or gotten better in damn near 40 years. It also speaks on the current moves being made to change it for the better. Though the story doesn't really say that its about to be the next place to suffer from gentrification, it kinda sounds like it. I'm sorry, but I'm not buying the whole "lets just fix it up, but keep it Section 8" routine. I really think their about to come through with the broom and sweep them folks down to Clayton County like they've been doing for the last 5-15 years. Anyways, good story, great read, check it out.

READ: "Down On Boulevard"

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Anonymous said...

TRUE TRUE.... All they do is have the city invest a certain amount (That means they make money...the invest part ya know...)and they keep a percentage of the new development "affordable" and they don't have to do it through Section hate, I mean 8. They use tax credit and other programs. That way it all looks politically correct. Lets look at it from their point of view (not that I care or anything), if you gave up a piece of land you thought was shot to hell then realized not only were you simply inconveniencing yourself but there was a gold mine under that land... wouldn't you want it back? Hell yeah so they taking it back! LOL