Tuesday, May 26, 2009

From The Vaults: Killer Mike-"My Chrome" video (2005)

Man. I thought this Hype-directed video would never see the light of day but I am so glad its here for the world to see. I remember being on set for much of this video. Matter fact, its during this shoot that me and Mike actually got cooler and developed a rapport outside of our interview conversations. Hell, I even remember giving Witchdoctor a ride to the gas station to get some Blacks. They went ALL over the city from Magic City to Mike's grandma house to Columbia Road shooting this vid. I met Hype Williams for the first time on this shoot too. Damn, this is bringing back memories. They even got Kenlo's A-town sneakers in this vid.

At the same time, this videos unearthing is bittersweet. It really makes me upset that Big Boi and Killer couldn't remain a tandem. Southern Hip Hop could have really used that. Makes me even more pissed that Ghetto Extraordinary didn't drop when it was supposed to too. And damn, with the Purple Ribbon logo being on it, that means it could've still been released as a video off the Got Purp Vol.2. DAMN DAMN DAMN JAMES! Anyways, I'll stop my memory lane ride now and let you enjoy the video.

Shoutout Whiteboy D

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