Friday, May 29, 2009

B.o.B. aka Bobby Ray Rocks Foot Locker at South Dekalb Mall

Here's some footage and photos from the B.o.B. Reebok event I was waxing poetic about a few days ago. Bobby Ray and his band the Eastsider's did their thing. Most cats only wish their music can get heard in Foot Locker, this dude done messed around and did a show up in there. The above footage has B.o.B. performing "Put Me On" which they will be shooting a video for in LA next week. Shouts out to G-Roc and TSG for this video. The back of my head makes a cameo appearance. Check after the jump for some footage from Ozone and a few pics I snapped of the show.

B.o.B. spitting a familiar verse acapella and performing "Haters"


a.digs said...

I love that joint!

CTM said...

B.o.B. me and B Rich got kicked out of South Dekalb mall shooting pictures for XXL.