Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cutty Cartel-"Gyrlz"

Cutty Cartel-"Gyrlz" (prod. by Royal Flush)

You may remember Cutty Cartel as 1/3 one of the greatest Southern Hip Hop groups ever (in my opinion) Jim Crow. Or you may remember as the dude who did the hook on Youngbloodz' "85." Or the dude who did the hook on Trillville's "Some Cut." Or shied, you mighta seen him at the club or at the car wash, who knows.

But right now just know that he's still out here working and he just signed with Big Boi and Purple Ribbon. I've been over to Stankonia a few times over the last couple weeks to hear what he's cooking and its pretty dope. Alot of the production is handled by Royal Flush, including this track "Gyrlz."

Its some vintage A-Town player shit. Think "Area Codes" but international. Witty wordplay throughout the joint if you thought Cutty was just some hook guy. He dropped a indie project on the web some months ago called Planet 808 that had some cool joints on it too. The homie Rick of Royal Flush gave me this joint fresh off the computer so this joint might not be the official crystal mastered version.

This is not computer music by the way. I encourage you to burn this on a CD or MP3 player and go straight to the car with this. Turn the beat all the way up. That's the best way to enjoy music if you ask me.


boi-dan said...

I still bump "Big Dreams"

bding7 said...

I still bump "Big Dreams"

what he said, and add that entire album to the mix