Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Random Jam: Young Bleed-"Better Than the Last Time" (1998)

Man, where the hell is Young Bleed at? Last thing I remember hearing him on was Big Mike and Six 2's "Down Home" (which was straight fie btw).

But yeah, easily Bleed's My Balls and My Word is the best album to be released on No Limit (yeah I said it), eventhough it wasn't really a No Limit release. He was actually a part of C-Loc's Concentration Camp crew (the camp who gave Boosie and Boo of CTE their starts) who was just cool with Master P on the business tip at the time.

Anyways, this was probably my favorite song on there. It features Maxminelli and Lay-Low and its produced by Happy Perez. Maaaaaan, if I keep listening to this song I'ma mess around and smoke a Black (I "quit" this week, haven't smoked since Sunday).


noz said...

definite classic. i can't think of too many records that put me in the same mindstate as this shit.

someone needs to fuck around and liberate that six 2 / big mike album too.

Justin said...

Can't even call this a Young Bleed song, this was Max's show! Album is an certified classic.

@noz The album isn't finished, they only record 6 or so songs. Ice Mike told me about him, Big Mike, Bleed, Fiend & a few other people doing a "supergroup" album right now so hopefully that's true.

BTW: Max Minelli is part of Lay Lo, it's him & J-Von.

southpeezy said...


shied, haha. i check your site everyday hoping to see it pop up there somewhere, ahhhha.

southpeezy said...


bet that up. i was going off straight memory like "was it one or two faces on that Laylow cover on the inside"

keurvil da five billie said...