Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Random Jam: The Roots-"Star" (2004)

Everybody is damn star nowadays. Everybody is on camera...doing and saying shit that really don't need to be recorded or shared for that matter. Got a couple emails today that just made me think of Sly's song and then this. Nobody likes to just do their damn job anymore or simply contribute to society without having to get some kind of fame out of it.


QuantumPeach said...

Ha! No lie, folk - I tweeted this one yesterday. Such an awesome song. This track was from Tipping Point, but Game Theory was a stellar album!

NewToATL said...

Your statements are true and I personally think social media contributes to this phenomenon. Everyone can broadcast every random thought that passes through their head and star in their own reality show through Youtube and Facebook.

Why do we need to be seen so badly?