Thursday, May 27, 2010

Freddie Gibbs feat. Bun B-"Rock Bottom"

Freddie Gibbs feat. Bun B-"Rock Bottom"

So glad to see these two finally hook up. Gibbs had asked me for Bun's number a while back. I gave it to him, he called but nothing came of it at the time. The next time I hollered at Bun I asked him he had heard from him. At the time, I think Bun (who probably gets a gazillion phone calls for features) probably just looked at Gibbs as another kid looking for a verse. Fortunately, these two met not too long after and really got to chop it up I guess...because I'm hearing that they are actually in somewhat of a group together with Chuck English and Chip Tha Ripper.

Anyways, this song came out really dope. Its more than just some guy getting another guy to hop on a song. The two really teamed up and cranked out something that means something. Good stuff.

Gibbs' Str8 Killa No Filla will be dropping soon in both EP and mixtape forms with some songs being on one and some being on the other. Either way $upport the homie.

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Bayan The One said...

Gibbs mastered Twista's flow

Bun's ad-libs r toooo repetative from joint to joint, sounds annoying
straight verse would be just as good

shit i'm ever waiting when Bun goes back to his 1999-2001 flow, that was his prime in mah opinion, looks like it ain't gonna happen