Monday, May 3, 2010

Photos, Video and Re-Cap: Converse Band of Ballers

This weekend I hooked up with The SP Agency and The Smoking Section to cover the Converse Band of Ballers Tournament. Was out there getting interviews and a couple shots (that's me on the Jim "Valvano" Jones shot). Shout out to everybody I gave tickets to that ain't even show up! Ya'll missed a good time.

photo by

Anyways, one of the bigger stories from the event was Cam'Ron and Jim Jones being there together. Hopefully some new music will come out of it. Squashing beefs is great and all, but the fans need the music to make it official.

Cam actually suited up and passed the ball a couple times in a game but that was about it. Matter of fact, hardly none of the rappers played in the games. It was mostly ringers and street hoop legends playing. Shoutout to Southern Hospitality (OJ, Pill, Shawty Lo an'nem) for showing up to a 3-on-3 game with like 20 dudes.

But the thing that kept catching my eye was Jay Electronica's defense. He played for team called "Bad News" that featured Sean Price, Donnis and his manager Dan. I talked a few players and they all agreed that Jay was not a pleasure to play with. Come to find out, he actually liked it like that.

Overall though, the event was great. The final game between The Jones Family and Southern Hospitality dragged at times because of all the arguing and fouling, but it was still cool to see an event like this go down. Here are some pictures I took throughout the day.

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