Thursday, July 8, 2010

Creative Loafing Finds Cody ChesnuTT

I swear every few months I randomly ask myself "where is Cody ChesnuTT?" I rarely get an answer. And when I do get an answer it's usually from another musician who says something along the lines of "that nigga crazy, he out somewhere."

Well, a new Cody ChesnuTT song popped up on the web recently...

<a href="">come back like spring by cody chesnuTT</a>

...and Creative Loafing caught up with him for an interview too. In it he talks a little bit about where he's been, what he's been up to, his new outlook on life and why he won't be performing two of my favorite songs anymore. Not mad at him, but dang.

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Kyva said...

I was just listening to his album the other day and I wondered the same thing!! LOL Thanx for this.