Monday, July 12, 2010

Random Jam: Rashad Morgan feat T.I. and Young Dro -"Tell'Em What They Wanna Hear" (2006)

This video randomly appeared on the internet today. The song came out four years ago, but for some reason they never released the video for it. This song was jamming to me. "Tell'em What They Wanna Hear" is something that all dudes can relate to. I know I've said plenty of the stuff in this song to either get out of a sticky situation....or get into one (*rimshot*).

Un-Fun Fact about this video: Young Dro hasn't came out with an official album since

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Markus said...

any word on a Young Dro mixtape coming out soon at all? because like every other fan, I'm fiending for new music from Young Dro.