Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Killer Mike aka Mike Bigga Previews "Burn"

I caught up with Killer Mike aka Mike Bigga a couple nights ago. He insisted that I fall through the studio (a studio that is FAR AS HELL by the way) to hear this song he made called "Burn." When I got there he played a few other cuts from the album he's working on that were all pretty good. He's staying on the more balanced route that he achieved on Pledge 2.

But he was very excited about this song "Burn." Yesterday I tweeted how I felt about the song, mainly because of what he's saying in the last verse. Unfortunately, you're not going to hear the last verse until the album comes out (gotta have something to look forward to right?). But you do get to hear the first two verses, including the one where he touches on the recent Oscar Grant ruling. Mike said he freestyled it. Seeing as how I've seen him do that in the booth before, I believe him.

But yeah, I don't want to talk your ears off or type your eyes off, so check out the video. And like he said leave him some feedback. I myself think this song can be a hit. I mean, the hook is simple enough.

Shoutsout to Ricardo and Kuzi of Sweatbox Productions on the beat. I think I got all these cats in contact with each other a while back. Glad something came out of it.


Ol jesus said...

mg you a bitch and i know u gonna delete this comment but fuck it mike my nigga and shit but get off his dick there are thousands of good young decatur(our hood) artists who need this shine and u never talk bout they ass only the niggas who already on but not producing product like they suppossed to man i still respect the fuck outta you but fuck you right now bra u slippin

Anonymous said...

Wow, Ol jesus.

Are you mad because he didn't spotlight you?

You saying this to MG isn't going to get him to come to your neck of the woods to talk shop.

And since when did dropping NEW music constituted being on someone's "dick"?

You 'rappers' will do anything to get on, including diss bloggers from your area. SMH.

southpeezy said...

@ol jesus

i aint gonna delete shit. but i aint about to let you call me a bitch on my blog and not say nothing back to yo' punk ass.

who the fuck do you think you are talking to me like that? "i still respect the fuck outta you but fuck you right now"....what kinda confused hoe shit is that to say? you dont respect shit talking like that brah. you totally out of pocket.

instead of waving your bloody tampon in the air how about you contact me in a more appropriate fashion with the shit im "slippin" on.

and in case you didnt notice, the name of the blog is "" not

I started this blog to highlight shit that I like. SHIT THAT I LIKE and stuff I FEEL like posting. If I dont like it...i simply dont post it. I dont post shit that I dont like because if I do Im gonna talk down on the shit and I dont have time to talk about all the shit that I DONT like.

If you dont like what you see here, go start your own blog, magazine, tv show, radio show, etc. The technology is there for you to do it.

If you dont like what you see here, well Im inviting your ass to stay the fuck from around here.

Nigga dont you ever again in your life come at me like that again. You are completely out of line for talking to me like that. Fucked up thing about it is youre probably a nigga that I know or have met before.

Pussy ass behavior is not welcome around here. Go somewhere else with that.

I apologize in advance to all of my other visitors. Please do not allow this brief exchange to distract you from the song that has been posted or the rest of the content here.

Those Pinks said...

Goddamn Mike - hit play and shut the fuck up!

Ol jesus said...

mane i jus said some real shit you've deleted my comments before bitch nigga and naw i aint never met yo ass im a disgruntled fan i aint never sent you no tracks lol i said some silly in the comments before but nevr sent you no music im jus sayin you talk all the im from decater blah blah blah shit when there are plenty of rising upstarts with talent you dont cover decatur niggas gets no play our hood dead musically you dont care

ar black said...

figure I toss some appreciation your direction with all the bullshit goin' on in here. MG's exclusives are the shit. up here in Pittsburgh you can't buy a fuckin' Killer Mike record in any store I know, and it's not like Pill or Yelawolf stoppin' by anytime soon, so this is how I get my fill of good hip hop. I'm sure a ton other people who don't live right near Atlanta are the same way. I never heard he was on some mission tryna get every up and comer in Decatur rich, he just writes about good fuckin' music, and I'm glad as hell he does. Real respect man.

southpeezy said...

@ol jesus

im gonna end this BS exchange like this. either email/comment me this music that you are talking about or shut the fuck up. grown, solution-oriented, option-providing, thought-provoking people are always welcome. 23-year old shit talking fuckboys who go dont leave a way to find or contact them after throwing rocks, are not. Since you are sooo much more "Decatur" than I...I'd expect you to at least have your profile lead back to somewhere where a nigga can look you up and chop it up with you. instead, yours lead back to a profile that ironically seems to have been erased since earlier today. Your "Southern Soliloquy" is looking quite suspect. Real "Decatur" niggas dont throw rocks and run.

Since you are so more "Decatur" than me go back and do your homework and see the many articles (i dont just blog) on Ghetto Mafia, Baby D, Backwudz, Noah. And even if I'm not their biggest fans, go ask people who and where they heard of Cyco and Travis Porter out of conversation beyong blog land. Go ask who has larger outlets lending an ear to folks like Spodee. Go ask where people heard of Prynce Cy Hi for the first time.

I'm a grown ass man, so if I missed you and your high school homies' myspace songs?...I apologize, tough titty.

Your ignorant responses are a prime example of why whats "wrong" with so many people now. Yall are so caught up in this rap shit and wanting to be "on" and and seen that you dont even pay attention to whats in front of you. Here, I'm posting a song that talks directly to the people and is far more relateable (sp?) to the people than the grandiose shit yall are pumping your heads up with that you look BEYOND the fact that the song talks about a young African American male who was shot in the back by the police and complain about me not posting enough "Decatur" rap music on the site. Nigga if you care so much about Decatur, how about you comment on the community-based shit that I post about the city that actually affects YOU. Such as the Dekalb Police killing more people than the NYPD and LAPD combined. Such as Dekalb County letting schools deteriorate or closing them down, while they keep making the jail on Memorial Drive bigger. Take that info and find out what you can do to improve elementary schools in Dekalb county and keep the areas surrounding Towers productive. Muthafucka.

Again, let me remind you, this site is not called If you want to see more "Decatur" music posted, go start your own site. I'm fully aware of what the fuck is going on out there...and guess what, I don't like most of the shit. So guess what, instead of posting it and talking down on it, I let it exist where it belongs. And while I'm at it, I encourage you to do even more homework and find out the places that I DO post "Decatur" music and the places I DO tell "Decatur" artists to get exposure if they dont get it here.

Finally, I will end this comment the way I started it. either email/comment me this music that you are talking about or shut the fuck up. because you coming over here bitching doesnt do much to help you or anybody you vouching for.

Again, to the visitors of this site. I apologize, yall know I dont usually fall into traps like this, but I dont go around bothering folks and im not above challenge, debate or correction. But when somebody comes at me in a disrespectful manner...i cant help but to be disrespectful right back.

Chris said...

This record is much are most of Mike's records. He needs to make a radio version so this thing can get some spins.

To the ya damn homework. MG goes above and beyond shining light on artists who DESERVE the shine. Just cuz a rapper is from Decatur doesn't mean they deserve shine on just cuz MG is a decatur son.

@Mike....keep making that life music....I hope Pledge III is a continuation of pledge II.

mr.soul:216 said...

dope exclusive MG. we needed this little buzz as a hint of hope in this hood of hip-hop. er'body wanna trap rap, tote glocks, fuck bitches and talk about their riches (That they DON'T and probably will never have).

But damn, how do you come to a nigga's PERSONAL BLOG and call him a bitch for reporting WTF he wants to report? While I understand what seems to be a bit of frustration you're experiencing, you chose a very necessary post to come rant about the lack of "Decatur music"? Does this music have any social commentary? or is the same shit we always hear? Is this music reflecting on anything REALLY RELEVANT to what's goin on out here? If not, then that music is worthless, and we already know it sounds like everything else out here. who needs to spotlight that? If people rapped about something THE PEOPLE REALLY FELT, artists may be able to separate themselves from the melting pot of hot garbage coming out these days.
Do we really need more INACCURATE and FALSE portrayals of the hood? Hasn't it been EXPLOITED enough?

at any rate, big shout out to Killer Mike for being consistent with delivering music with some social commentary, and bigger shout out to MG for spotlighting it in the climate where people only care to blog/speak about "hot songs" that equate "hot shit" (as in the kind babies dump).

peace and blessings.

Chris said...

"I will burn....this mother...fucker...DOWN" YESSIR!

Say, Mike, how about throw a verse in SOME record about Mark Sanford refusing to take stimulus money for South Carolinians to keep their jobs but can have the audacity to use tax payer money and assets (security, transportation, etc) to go on a personal trip to South America to see his mistress.....all the while being AWOL from his position of Governor of the State of Carolina....and then have the nerve to do all of this ON FATHER'S DAY WEEKEND..... AND STILL not get prosecuted!

I'll think of some other topics that may interest you as targets for some of your verses.

As always, I'm reppin the TRIPLE BANG GANG!!! (who got the credit for coining that phrase?) and I'm GONE!