Thursday, July 22, 2010

Pics and Re-Cap: Bun B Trill O.G. Listening Party at Patchwerk

Last night Bun B played his new album Trill O.G. (get it? as in trilogy?) at Patchwerk Studios for a host of media folks, music folks and just cool folks in general. The album was bumping in the studio but of course you have to test it out at the crib and car before you can just label anything. But I will say this, its some music for the Slab. Every track had some knock to it. I didn't hear any just mind blowing lyricism ala "Murder," but it had plenty of attitude to it. Its a listen that is full of moments, both good...and awkward.

I'll start with the awkward. As with most Rap-A-Lot albums, J Prince does the intro. It opened with the usual "aaaaaw yeaaaah"...but then he went on talking about how his son was the first guy to discover Drake and that he is backed by the Rap-A-Lot army. I mean, thats the truth and all...but it seemed a little strange to hear J Prince rambling about Drake on Bun B's album. But hey, J Prince does what he wants and if you are reading this sir know that I totally respect you and what you do and I mean absolutely, positively, no disrespect at all. As a matter of fact sir, just go ahead and disregard my measly opinion. I thought the intro was great!

But yeah, back to the album. Bun elected to let the album just ride instead of introducing each track, which was a good move because none of the songs were just amazing individually (take that with a grain of salt, it hasn't made it to the car or crib yet)...they are better to listen to as a cohesive part. The album had a great vibe and flow to it, without the out-of-the way attempts at cross-over that Bun's prior albums have had.

Well, hold on...from what I could hear the album has two Drake appearances, Gucci Mane and Young Jeezy features and hooks from both T-Pain and Trey Songz. But on Trill O.G. none of the cameos sound out of the way because these are cats that Bun has been working with for years anyway. So even if these were attempts at cross-over, they don't come off that way.

The highlight of the album and the song that Bun seemed to be most excited about was "Right Now" featuring Pimp C and 2Pac with Songz on the hook. The song is good, but its moreso of an event than it is a song. I mean, how are you NOT going to like a song with Pimp C and Pac on it? That's like NOT enjoying this year's NBA Finals, even if your team wasn't in it. It didn't strike me as the greatest song ever, but shit...its got Pimp C and Pac on it.

What seemed to be another favorite was "Let 'Em Know" produced by DJ Premier. Noz at Cocaine Blunts wrote a pretty on-point analysis of the song that I can't say I disagree with. Again, just like "Right Now" its moreso of an event than it is a song. You can't just NOT like the shit because of what it is.

But yeah, over all the album is a quality project. It falls in line with the consistency that Bun has demonstrated for the last 8-10 years. My personal favorite were "Speakeasy" featuring Twista. The room I was in was pretty loud and joyous environment, so I couldn't really make out anything that touched the soul like "The Story" or "Hi Life" or "One Day," or anything speaking on society like "Take The Hood Back" it doesn't sound like Bun was trying to go in that direction on here. I did hear flashes of supreme mic command ala "Trap or Die" but for the most part the album is an attitude/mindstate type listen, hense the name Trill O.G. Like I said earlier...its some Slab music. Some shit you throw on to ride and vibe to when you're chilling and drinking with some friends over. I want to buy it so I can really get into it though.

As far as the night itself...there were plenty of camera flashes and drinks pouring. Food was pretty good too. A little bit of everybody showed up including Goodie Mob (sans T-Mo). We haven't heard much fruit from the relationship, but Bun B and Goodie Mob go way back. You can catch Bun in the "Cell Therapy" video at the 2:12 mark standing next to Big Rube. Khujo Goodie was in the building fresh out of getting released from Henry County Jail the day before. I plan on hooking up with him to get ya'll the skinny on what all went down with that ordeal. Killer Mike, Pill, Cory Mo, GLC, Big Krit, Sean Falyon and JUSTICE League were all in the building too. I haven't been having the best day with my computer today but I managed to get at least some of the photos uploaded so you can see them.

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Rome Brown said...

LOL @ the section to J. Prince. Good write up man, not too many people get to interact with some of the best of the South on a regular basis.