Monday, July 12, 2010

MARTA Cracking Down on "Enterprising Lawbreakers"

AJC is reporting that MARTA will be cracking down on "Enterprising lawbreakers." Whatever, they got these working-class gate jumpers sounding like they run a multi-million dollar company that has a monopoly in a major city but still insists on raising the price for their service every few years without showing any real improvements in said service. Only to turn and make drastic cutbacks on said service with more plans to raise price.

BS aside though, I did find this video to be entertaining. I can honestly say that I've only jumped the fare gate once or twice my entire life. I was always too scared to do it because I don't like going to jail. Plus, I got accused of doing it way too many times when I actually paid. For real, MARTA police would run up on me talking about "we got you on camera jumping the gate...we seen a young Black male in a Braves had and fit the description." As if I'm the ONLY person with that outfit on. So I never even bothered taking the risk unless I was extremely desperate. And I ain't even gonna lie, I've elbowed and kicked a couple folks trying to sneak in behind me. Ain't nothing cheap these days, and after a long don't really have any compassion for somebody trying to come up off of YOUR $2.

Plus, with this footage, they make it obvious that they know who is doing what and when. Seems like they just pick and choose who they want to go after.

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