Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bobby Creekwater-"Dear Ghetto" video

Bobby Creek stay dropping something new. Apparently this video comes off of his upcoming project Back To Briefcase 2: The B Side...which is not to be confused with Back To Briefcase that just dropped last week.

Either way, this video is pretty cool. Looks like they shot it down there around Forsyth/Poplar/Luckie area between The Rialto, Landmark Diner and across from The Mark. Shouts out to the homie Fray and Visual Vinyl. Looks like they're about to resurface on the video scene here. They were actually one of the original independent video production units shooting "viral" in the city before internet videos became the common route to go.

Oh yeah...its me, or does Bobby Creek actually kinda look like Marvin Gaye in this vid?

While you're thought I'd tell you that Bobby Creekwater has just been added to the Digital Icon Tour that's coming through the 529 on February 20th.

You can purchase tickets HERE for $12 or hope that you win some off me next week. I suggest you go ahead a buy you some to secure a spot.

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