Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mike Bigga (aka Killer Mike) Sports Sunday Freestyles

Mike Bigga (aka Killer Mike)-Sports Sunday

Mike Bigga (aka Killer Mike)-"Iron Mike" (Gamecocks) [prod. by Smiff & Cash)

Since Mike hit us the Sunday Morning Massacres a couple years ago, it seems like rappers have gone even more overboard with the freestyles, with none of them having anykind of theme, or purpose for that matter.

Mike hit me up this morning out of the blue and asked me to meet him at the studio. He played me these two tracks that are the beginnings of his new freestyle series, Sports Sunday. You should be able to catch plenty of sports metaphors throughout. Know that the first track should be considered the pre-game warm-up...while the second track should be considered the 22-0 run right before halftime.

He insists that these two tracks were simply glimpse of whats to come...and a segue into the second batch of Sunday Morning Massacres. Enjoy.

Shouts out to Grind Time, the Educated Villians and Mike's engineer JD.

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Chris said...

"Souf Crackalaka bitch back/I'ma GAMECOCK"

vicious.....I've missed the SMM's....the Sport Sunday series is gone be vicious!!!