Friday, February 12, 2010

Yelawolf feat. Cy Hi Da Prynce and Pill-"I Wish" video

Alot of rap cats like to brag about being places you can't pronounce or going where others are afraid to. Well, shooting a video at the Foundation is like the skaters answer to a "real nigga" shooting a video at The REALLY have to be down to make that happen. That said enjoy this Omnipower directed video for the remix to "I Wish." Shout out to Sean Falyon, DJ Burn One, SL Jones and Bravo doing the cameo thang.

Oh yeah, if you trust your driving skills in Atlanta's weather today, make sure you fall through Lenny's for the return of Fuggin Awesome where all three of these gentlemen will be performing.

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M said...

No shout-out for the Goodie concert tonight @ the Tabernacle? That's where I'm headed.. and whats with the double booking for Yela, saw his name for opening for Goodie along with Bob.