Monday, February 1, 2010

Random Jam: Kool G. Rap-"Its A Shame" (1995)

Some days random songs just pop up in my head when I'm in the shower and this was the latest one. Well...not the whole song, just that singing part at the end.

This is one of the many rap videos that really made me put life into proper perspective. Not gonna sit here and act like I've ever been close to hopping in those streets heavy...but hell, growing up a Black male in America that option is always right around the corner. "Its A Shame," the song and video really showed me that all that kingpin stuff don't come without guilt and stress...and I wanted no parts of it.

But above all else, this beat was straight fie and G.Rap went off on this track with his rapid-fire lisp flow intact.


Rome Brown said...

G Rap went innnn on this!

zone3 said...

FAST LIFE from the same album was my jam but this video is classic