Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Random Jam: Angela Winbush-"Your Smile" (1985)

This is actually a Rene & Angela song, but Angela does all the singing and you don't even hear any background vocals from Rene either. But yeah, don't know what made this song pop in my head just now. I'd like to draft up some wonderful story about somebody special or some grand event, but eh...yeah.

Songs like this remind me of the days when female R&B singers were just that...singers. Not fashion icons, models, Mabyelene mascots, wanna be reality TV stars or faux-spokespeople for battered women. Angela was out in an era where you had Anita Baker, Whitney Houston, Stephanie Mills, Regina Belle and even Gladys Knight was still active. Even with those names I'm sure I'm still forgetting some. Angela also wrote and produced most of her stuff and even did some of her competition's songs too.

But yeah, enjoy.

UPDATE: wow. actually found the video for the song.

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