Friday, February 5, 2010

Killa Kyleon feat. Z-Ro-"Swang Real Wide"

Killa Kyleon feat. Z-Ro-"Swang Real Wide"

I'm a couple days late on this one...but giat dayum this shit jammin. Killa Kyleon always been dope and has been doing his thing for years. But it looks like in 2010 he's really gonna get noticed beyond his Slim Thug/Boss Hogg Outlawz affiliation, on a national level at least.

This track "Swang Real Wide" was produced by Sound Mob and mixed by the homie Cory Mo.

The above video is some studio footage the homie Naz got of Z-Ro laying down his part of the song. I'm also glad to see Z-Ro fucking with more people too. When I interviewed him for Ozone a year and some change ago, he said he was going to start collaborating with more of his Houston peers.

Song spotted at DGB

Killa Kyleon's video for his "I Wanna Rock" freestyle is after the jump.

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