Thursday, April 23, 2009

23: The Street History of a Shoe Book Signing and Screening Tonight!

In case you missed me talking about it the first time, make sure you come out and support the homie Amir Shaw as he releases his book/documentary project 23: The Diary of A Shoe.
I happened to speak with someone who's already read the book and I hear it pretty darn good. Something to buy your younger brother, cousin or whoever. Equally good for the grown folks too though.

Its going to be held at the Spring4th Center off of Spring Street downtown. Right next to the Arby's down there around the Apache Cafe. I plan on rocking that pair of J's I just came up on just to stick with the theme. So if you have some J's you want to show off tonight, fall through.

Oh yeah, bring cash if you can. After all, this is a new author in the game who is trying to eat. Support if you can.

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