Thursday, April 23, 2009

Playboy Tre-"Liquor Store Mascot" mixtape

(instant collectors item, straight from Tre's computer)

Just in case you hadn't snatched it out the blogosphere yet, here is the new Playboy Tre album (I'm not calling this a mixtape) Liquor Store Mascot. When I say this ish is, it just may be an understatement. He might have outdone Goodbye America which ain't a album to sneeze at either.

You can pretty much let this whole thing ride without skipping. DJ Swatts, salutes to you for doing a good job sequencing these joints.

From what Tre let me hear over the last couple of months I knew the album was gonna be dope, but I'm still impressed even though I've heard most of it. I'm really optimistic for Hip Hop right now, grown man stuff is making a comeback. Speaking of which, I'm happy as hell to hear Bohagon's voice on this project too. Long over due for some new 'Hagon.

Anyway here is a download of the album for you. The physical version should be out soon. Enjoy and share with your friends.

Playboy Tre: Liquor Store Mascot

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