Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Jackie Robinson Day

I know a lot of folks are anticipating 4/20 next Monday (wonder what will change on that day in particular?), but before you do that, take a moment to recognize today as #42 day.

Ever since two years ago when Ken Griffey, Jr. (shout out to him for this) petitioned to wear Jackie Robinson's retired number in remembrance of him shattering the color line in baseball on April 15, 1947. Major League Baseball so loved the idea of Griffey doing that, they went on ahead and mandated that the entire league celebrate Robinson's legacy and contributions by rocking #42 every April 15th as well.

I don't have any Jackie Robinson paraphernalia, hell, the closest thing I have to some is a Los Angeles Dodgers jersey. Was thinking about rocking it today, but that may be a stretch. Anyways, Happy Jackie Robinson day. Celebrate it yourself by making some history today.

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Mr.J said...

MLB is not known for coming up with many idea's that really reflect true cultural diversity but this one i stand behind.
What up Garland?