Monday, April 13, 2009

Chris Tucker Channels Miles Davis

When I used to work at Rolling Out I remember one of my co-workers at the time writing a cover story on Jamie Foxx during his '05 Oscar run. In the story Foxx was giving big props to Chris Tucker, saying "He got it. He could take over the game if he wanted to." I was saying the same thing, like, why is dude only doing Rush Hour movies? Chris is funny as hell with and without having to curse. Plus, hell, he from the Eastside, we need some representation out there in Hollywood.

Well over the weekend the TV One Trumpet Awards (think NAACP Image awards on lighter budget) came on TV and I watched it. The product of post Easter dinner boredom. Chris won an awarad for his humanitarian efforts, but when he got on stage to accept the award he pretty much turned into a stand-up routine. He was up there for at least a good 5-6 minutes and he had everyone rolling. Watching it made you laugh, but equally upset because you're like WHY IN THE HELL isn't dude doing this on the regular? No tours? No shows? No movies? What's up man!?!

Well, all of the footage from his acceptance speech hasn't made it onto the internet. I guess the demographic of people who watch the Trumpet Awards don't keep the TV and DVR ready for ripping and uploading. But, there is a minute or so of footage from his acceptance speech where Chris' puts his comedic timing on display as his Trumpet Award pretty much falls apart in his hand. Hopefully he takes this as a sign that he needs to give the people what they want for real for real so he won't keep getting shabby awards for his talents.

Hell, that man don't care, he got millions on deck.

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