Tuesday, April 21, 2009

INBOXication: Siya

So, INBOXication got alot of positive feedback yesterday, so why not keep it going full throttle.

Right around the time I was working on yesterday's post, the homie Kei of Lavish Life Social Club hit me to get my opinion on this new artist she's working with named Siya. I'd seen a few twits about Siya here and there but never just felt compelled to investigate. I mean, who just goes exploring what other folks on Twitter are talking about all the time? Granted, the convos are on public display, but at the end of the day, it is still kinda their business.

Well, I'm kinda kicking myself for not being nosy because the songs Kei hit me with are dope. Funny thing is that Kei thought I wouldn't like the music because she's a female emcee. I'm not too too mad at that, because from what I've noticed most women assume that dudes don't like female rappers. Now, I can't speak for all male listeners, but for me...I like female rappers as much as I like male rappers. Dope is dope. Wack is wack. Annoying is annoying.

As far as female rappers go, I think I can speak for most males in saying that we just don't want to hear all of that "eat my coochie, buy me Gucci" shit. Nor do we want to hear those "positive, empowering" (for lack of a better word) female rappers where they think that just because they are NOT doing the "eat my coochie, buy me Gucci" raps that they are automatically dope. Hell, you may not like Terrell Owens attitude sometimes, but that don't mean you just walking around this b*tch rooting for Brian Finnerman simply because he just catches the ball. Hell no, you want to be entertained at the end of the day. Did ya'll follow me with that one?

But yeah, back to Siya. She pretty much fits that "she raps harder than most dudes" mold, which really, ain't that hard to do these days, but still. Its been said that that she hasn't gotten her props in the music biz because guys are intimidated by her "appearance." (yes, I'm being PC) I mean, shit. It is what is.

Its on you if you listen, like or loathe the music based on her "appearance." I myself was impressed by the way her songs were produced and executed on top of her straight spitting on them. Especially on on "Hustler." The way the dude in the hook was kinda communicating with her and actually leading into the verses sorta reminded me of how AMG and Bo$$ went back and forth during moments on "My Sister Is A Bitch." And yeah, since I brought her up, I think I like Siya because she kinda reminds me of Bo$$. Just as she does Mia X and Gangsta Boo & La Chat on their good days. Shawty is just spitting. Can't be mad at that. Anyways, here are a couple of her songs, check them out and speak on it in the comments.

"Hustler" (prod. by Black Metaphore)

"Control" feat. Sean Falyon (prod. by The Olympicks*)

*The Olympicks are deep as hell. I suggest a central website fellas.

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